Production medical services utilizes the world's finest golf cart mini-ambulance capable of transporting 1 patient via stretcher out of tight rescue scenes to waiting EMS services. Our cart is a custom built gas powered vehicle, it carries the equipment and gives us rapid access to patient areas without waiting for the transportation dept. to get us there. We transport the vehicle in our enclosed office trailer and our trailer can double as a crew rehabilitation facility as the situation dictates.

Features of the mini-ambulance:Golf cart mini-ambulance

  • 2 cylinder gas powered vehicle has lots of power to get the big guys out.
  • Carries all emergency medical equipment and mini-drug store.
  • Carries splint equipment. 
  • Oxygen equipped with O2 tank and O2 delivery equipment.
  • Fire Extinguisher is new foam chemical type for all 3 types of fires.
  • Full LED emergency light package
  • Emergency siren with volume control.
  • Public address system. 
  • Alternating emergency wig-wag headlights. 
  • Emergency flashers. 
  • Turn signals.
  • 2 tactical dome lights for night patient area illumination.
  • Rear facing technician seat with rear step bumper and hand rails.
  • Portable stretcher.
  • Folding windshield.
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