Medic Stan Swofford
Stan Swofford working on the set of the Disney feature film Sweet Home Alabama

Veteran Paramedic Stan S. Swofford began this service in 1985 to provide on set stand-by medical services to the motion picture, TV and commercial markets in the state of Georgia and throughout the southeast.

Stan is one of Georgia's first EMT's (#2396) and Paramedics (#838), starting back in 1974. Stan worked on Georgia's first EMS helicopter (Lifebird 1), the state's first mobile intensive care unit (Metro 101) and has been paramedic in charge of an emergency vehicle responding to over 25,000 911 emergency calls in a high volume suburban EMS environment (The City of Atlanta).

He has coordinated the teams on many high risk major motion pictures and has handled the EMS for other high profile events and sports venues including music videos, Braves, Falcons, Olympics and Peach Bowl sporting events, PGA golf tournaments and major concerts. In addition, he has been assigned EMS escort duties for area presidential visits for President Carter and President G.H.W. Bush. Click here to view credits.

Stan holds a B.S. from North Georgia College and an A.S. in emergency medical technology from Perimeter College.

Listen to an audio interview with Stan conducted by film industry blogger, Drew Duncan.

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